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Parasol Charity - Golf Day 2015.

This year's Parasol golf day was another success story.  Sandwiched between two wet days it turned out to be a nice dry day apart from slight breeze but the Americans would describe as blizzard conditions.

All in uniform fashion coloured polo shirts (purple) courtesy of our regular sponsor (Keltic Clothing). The teams tee'd off around 1030 after Bacon sandwiches.

Freshly cooked Samosas were delivered at around 1100 hrs by our headline sponsor (APCOA)'s representative Mr Jaz Chahal. They have become a must at our event.

The teams, having departed, gave us the volunteers a much needed rest to get a few drinks and chill until they arrived at the half way house. Cheryl and Helen from one of other sponsors (Newlyn Collections) set off with fresh samosas and refreshments in a buggy to ensure that the teams were supplied with sufficient energy and most importantly get some money off them which they very generously contributed to. Whilst on their rounds some team photos were taken which are now on the website for all to view.

Arriving at the halfway house they were once again tempted by Samantha Smith, who is now becoming a dab hand at helping them empty their pockets before attempting to participate in a putting competition.

One of the funny stories of the day was when Tony Allan from Parkeon team hit a ball onto one of the greens (a cracking shot) which was so admired by a fox from the nearby woods that it swiftly ran out took possession of it off it went into the woods. 

As the teams arrived at the eighteenth hole some looking worse for wear only to be faced by our own "David Bailey" in the name of Uttsav Patel to take professional photos which are also on the website for all to view. 

Uttsav was accompanied by his friend Sunil Lal who was sent out on a mission with Jaz Chahal to get £60.00 worth of pennies. You may well ask what for. Andy Hiles is to blame and I will not even attempt to explain it.

The teams spent relaxing time in the bar before a lovely three course meal at Misha's Restaurant. The men is alway very delicious and another highlight of the day. Carrot and coriander soup to start with with a main course of lamb followed by sticky toffee pudding, cheese and biscuits and coffee.

Now back to those pennies which we ran out of by the way as the enthusiastic crowd exchanged eagerly. Andy started his penny auction and raised £131.00 What a roaring success and better still what a sport the crowd were.

This was followed by an auction conducted by Carl Pointon from Mercian 2 and supported by our own male model Alex Hiles. The auction raised £610.00.

There were speeches from Mercian 2 and Carl drew a short straw and from Alex about his e peri ended as an injured soldier and importance of being supported by small charities .

The results are as follows:

1st prize: Tony Goddard (45)  from Legion Parking
2nd prize: Ian Gamble (39) from Newlyn Collections
3rd prize: Jim Freeman (37) from Marston Group

1st team prize:  (87) Jim Freeman, Dave Lynch, Graham Sayers & Mike Marrs
From   Marston Group

Longest Drive: Dave Lynch  From Marston Group
Nearest the pin: Graham Sayers From Marston Group

Putting competition: Tony Allan from Parkeon team.

And finally, the best prize of the day went to:

Steve Paps from Mercian 2 "never be said that I am not a trier" performed outstandingly playing his first ever round of Golf and bringing in a decent score of 13 on a very difficult course. So well done to you.

Once again a very successful day was enjoyed by all.

Roy and Anjna would like to say a personal thanks to our headline sponsor APCOA Parking, and our other two very loyal sponsors Newlyn Collections and Keltic Clothing.

Now it only remains to thank you the participants without whom we would not have had such a success. so here' s a big thank you.

Our thanks to all the volunteers and those of you who got roped into modelling, making speeches and taking charge of auctions.

Last but not least thank you to Lilleshall Hall Golf Club for making us welcome now for the 7th year and ensuring that the course was in an impeccable condition. thanks to Misha's Restaurant and staff along with the bar staff who work extremely hard all day long so that we enjoy the day.

The projected money raised looks to be in the region of £6125.00. Final figures will be posted sometime in September when Uttsav returns from his e Otis holiday in Thailand.



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