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Introducing Parasol Charity
Parasol Charity began out of a desire of our indebtedness to the men and women that have served in recent conflicts. We wanted to do something positive – to help and assist British soldiers (not restricted to the army) who have been injured in recent conflicts, in particular in Iraq and Afghanistan, but also in other regions.

The aims of the charity are clear – to provide aid and comfort to injured service personnel and their families, when required, with no bureaucracy.

Parasol Charity is a small organisation with the following office holders:

Roy M Jones:
 a retired Senior Manager who thought the future was only for golf and travel.  He acts in the capacity of Chair to the Parasol Charity


Major Andrew Main:
 a serving Officer responsible and his remit extends to serving at Selly Oak Hospital that receives wounded soldiers. His knowledge and advice is what determines how and when the money is spent. He is our direct contact with the soldiers and Selly Oak Hospital in addition to his role as Secretary to the Parasol Charity.


Anjna Patel:
 is the progenitor and driving force behind the charity and our fundraising. She is a local government manager who has won a national award in the parking industry (National Parking Person of the Year). Her lust for life and compassion for others drives her in this and other charity work. When she learnt of the plight of some local families of injured and returning soldiers she set about raising money to help them - this was the beginning of what we hope will be an ongoing success.

No one in the charity receives a salary. All proceeds from fundraising and donations go to those we seek to help. Financial support is allocated to specific cases after requests from our military liaison, money is otherwise allocated on a monthly basis for use as determined by relevant military staff at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham.


Registered  #1122315.​

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